Over the years DECKSTERS has been building decks, we have learned that if you are going to make the investment in teak decking, you should start with the best teak available, which is naturally grown Burmese Teak. It is more expensive, because it takes longer to grow, but it wears like iron and lasts seven times longer than farm raised and will not get the round mildew marks. The added advantage is that after five, ten even fifteen years from now you will still have a beautiful deck with proper maintenance and care. 

We cannot stress enough that if you are comparing quotes to make sure everyone is using straight, tight vertical grain Burmese Teak decking as there is a difference between vertical grain decking and quarter sawn Teak and whatever company you may choose that they use Burmese Teak. Visually the differences are subtle, but physically they are quite vast.

Re-seaming is the process of removing all existing caulk from the teak deck and installing new caulking. There are several reasons for doing this. 

1.  The original caulk is failing, creating leaks.

2.  The teak deck has worn away to the point there are no longer any caulk lines left in spots.

3.  The original caulk is getting soft and is tracking and smearing.

The first step is to determine how much of the decking is remaining, and if it falls below a certain threshold the re-seaming process will only hold off the replacement of the decks for so long.

We use a variety of tools and a reliable method to remove the old seams and make the deck acceptable for re-caulking. We also only remove as much caulk per day as we can install so as not to leave the deck open in the event of inclement weather. As it is south Florida it could take as much as up to three weeks for a deck to dry out. Once the deck has dried, we sand off the proud caulk and look for leaks, any leaks are cleaned out, and re-done. This is a very labor-intensive process and an inexperienced worker could do a lot of damage very quickly. This should be done by professionals such as DECKSTERS. We also use shore power and not the ships power so as not to stress your systems.